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Hana'iti Resort & Spa

Location - Raiatea, Tahiti

The master plan for the proposed Hana Iti Resort, on the island of Raiatea, Tahiti, was driven by the natural features of the outstanding site. The hillsides, which rise from the beach, shelter and enclose the site and provide the perfect location for hillside fale with extensive views of the lagoon and open ocean. Sensitive development in key beach zones protects the natural environment. The tunnel provides direct access to the central facilities without disturbing the vegetation on the promontory, or compromising the privacy of nearby over water fale. Tree house fale offer an innovative alternative accommodation option. The central facilities are focused around a large saltwater pool and natural white sand beach. The master plan illustrated that it is possible to develop such pristine sites while retaining their natural features and beauty. The project has been stalled by the economic slowdown since 2008.